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Top 10 Personal Finance Apps of 2019 - 2020

In today’s techno-savvy world, we are no longer balancing checkbooks or tracking our expenses through our bank passbooks. This makes managing our money a little bit difficult. But with the help of personal finance mobile apps, this allows us to connect with our bank accounts and keep track of our money a whole lot more comfortable. Personal finance apps can help in tracking upcoming bill payments, and some even have built-in features that will enable you to pay directly through the app. But most of all, these apps can help determine the key areas you have been mostly spending on. 

Here are some of the best and widely used personal finance apps you might be interested in:

1.  Mint 

– This money management app is developed by Intuit, Inc., which is also the company behind TurboTax and QuickBooks. This is a very effective, all in one platform that will enable you to create a budget, track your expenses, and get smart about your finances. You can easily link your bank accounts and credit card accounts, including all your monthly bills so you can access all your finances in one place.

2.  YNAB 

– You Need A Budget is focused on debt payoff, and it not only help you create a better budget plan but also assist in gaining control of your spending. You can import all your transactions from your checking account and link them to every budget category so you can get an accurate picture of your spending. You can generate detailed reports to determine the progress of your spending throughout the month. 

3.  Personal Capital

– This is also a wealth management app that enables you to manage all your investments and assets together with your everyday spending. Their platform is connected to more than 14,000 financial institutions, which makes it a lot easier to connect your accounts within the mobile application itself. Personal Capital also provides professional financial advisors who can present users with personalized financial advice tailored to their goals.

4.  Clarity Money

– Most companies today are moving to subscription models, and it is easy to lose track of all the subscriptions you’ve signed up for. This app aims to help you stop spending money on unused subscriptions by uncovering and canceling subscriptions you are not using. Besides, this app also analyzes your spending performance and provides recommendations to enhance your financial health.

5.  Prism

– For bills payment and personal finance management, Prism is an all in one app that gives you a complete overview of your finances. Featuring more than 11,000 billers compared to any other app, you can easily integrate all your bills with the app and allow it automatically track your bills and send you due date notifications to avoid late payments and incurring penalties. 

You can also schedule your bills payment and allow the app to pay your bills on the scheduled time.

6.  $pendee

 There are personal finance apps that are designed for individual use only. However, this app enables you to create shared wallets with family and friends, which you can use to manage shared expenditures for a household budget. You can also import your bank transactions and allow Spendee to classify them for you to compute how you are spending money every month. You can add cash expenses yourself for a more precise picture of where your finances go.

7.  EveryDollar

 This app utilizes the zero-based budget procedure suggested by Dave Ramsey, who is a personal finance expert. The zero-based approach provides every dollar with a purpose in the with a built-in monthly expense tracker that enables users to link the app to their bank and import transactions to manage and track with their spending.

8.  Mobills

 Mobills arranges your expenses in specific categories so you can track and manage your spending to know if it is progressing toward your budgeted amount. This will allow you to have an overview of the amount you still have remaining to use in each budget category so you can control your spending as needed.

9.  Wally

– Wally is an expense tracker application ideal for those who love tracking their personal expenses and filing their own professional expense reports. This is a very straightforward, simplified app that’s very convenient and easy to use. This is a perfect choice if you like a comprehensive overview of where your money is going. Instead of manually listing your expenses, this app allows you to take pictures of your receipts. 

10. Coinbase

– As a cryptocurrency trading platform, this app allows you to trade most of the leading digital coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The app is a streamlined version of its desktop version, and it has easy to use interface makes it even more convenient to use.

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