Life as an Average American student could be so frustrating when your finance is on the receiving end of it. And it gets even worse when you feel like you don’t know how to spend or use money, due to how fast that it leaves your hand even before you could say, Jack Robinson! As uncomfortable as that may often turn out to be, there seems to be a universal solution to every student who faces this now and then, and that can be found in financial planning.

That’s why today, we’ll be focusing our attention on the importance of financial planning for students. But before we proceed. What is financial planning?

Meaning of Financial Planning

In a layman’s understanding, financial planning is simply the organization of one’s personal life or business, by categorizing its activities and mapping out his/her future income and expenditure.

Importance of Financial Planning in Student


If there is one thing that is naturally coherent and affiliated with the act of financial planning is the phenomenon known as “budget.” Thus, when a student starts practicing the art of financial planning, he or she will be able to budget appropriately and know when to buy things and when not to buy, which then takes us to the next point.

Distinguishing between Needs and Wants

It is no news that most Americans do fall prey of not knowing what they need and those which they want. And while this act of carelessness maybe is slightly condoning by the adults, American students should never be part and parcel of this financial leakage. Nevertheless, students who partake in financial planning, while cross-checking through what they’d love to buy and not, they will automatically become conscious of what they need against what they want.


A student who plans financially will be able to save easily than his/her contemporaries. And having good savings after college can as well open the doors for more financial freedom for such a student.  So, rather than spend your money on things that won’t last even a year, why not sit down and plan your finances, so that at the end of your college studies, you’ll not only come out with an academic degree but with a financial accolade to your wallet.


Financial planning has a way of instilling a distinctive mindset altogether to students who carry it out. In other words, financial planning helps the student see the world for what it is, and that is, to always live according to your means. So here is the thing about financial planning, if as a student after making your business plan, choose to spend outside the box, two things are bound to occur to you, either you get broke or go bankrupt.

Future Preparation

There is this adage that goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. And I wish, the case could be any different in the world of finance, but is not. Financial planning as a student will not only help you tackle present economic challenges, but those, that will be coming in subsequent times.

Most students underestimate the power of financial planning until their wallet goes dry and bankrupt. However, your case doesn’t have to follow suit, given that you’ve come across this post!

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