As semesters come to a close, college students often worry about upcoming exams and project deadlines. Like, it’s an auspicious time for college students when they’re going out on their own, and starting their own life, the last thing they want to think about is an accident or an injury that’s going to financially set them back thousands of dollars.

In other words, there’s something significant that college students, especially those who haven’t found a jobs yet, don’t tend to consider, and that’s health care insurance.

That’s why today, we’ll be looking at health insurance for college students with obviously no source of income.

Parental Health Insurance

There are many options available for college students to take advantage of. And the easiest option for college students, especially those without any source of income is to remain on their parent’s health care insurance plan.

Today, most health care insurances allow coverage for dependents on their parent’s plans until the age of 26. So, a college student if they qualify, could be enrolled under their parent’s health insurance program until the age of 26, at which point they would have to come off and look for their coverage.

Universities Health Insurance

Universities also provide insurance for incoming students and sometimes, those programs are a little bit limited.

Most often than not, these type of insurance often do so on an on-site campus clinic; thus, you again need to go back and consider things like, how much you’re going to make use of it. Are you going to a college or university further away from home? What does your network look like? Will you have coverage when you return home for holidays? And so on.

Short Term Employer Insurance

A student’s employer can also provide healthcare insurance for a college student who is currently looking for a job. However, this type of insurance is often a short-term plan.

Nevertheless, if you’re a fresh college graduate, with no source of income yet, and at the same time seeking to get a health insurance, you can contact agencies like the IBPR Capital BlueCross for short term health insurance policy that spans from 1-6months until you get yourself a job.


For those who qualify, Medicaid is another good option for college students with no source of income. Pennsylvania’s Medicaid option or health EPA is available to individuals and college students mostly.

Tips To Getting the Best Health Insurance for College Students With No Income

Although the idea of purchasing healthcare insurance may seem daunting, there are two vital tips that can help you land a good health insurance policy.

First, as a college student without any source of income, you need to look at your health. By that, you need to look at how you are going to utilize the benefits, the provider you’re seeking to buy from, and then determine which product and plan design work best for you.

Thereafter, you can reach out to any healthcare provider insurance carriers, for ccess to all information that’s valuable to you as a consumer, before making the big call.

Things to consider

As a college student without any source of income, if you want to purchase health care insurance, then you can do so on the online marketplace.

However, given that there are many options available, you should be considering what your needs are first, so you could know what plan to go for.

Here are the types of plans under health insurance.

Catastrophic plans

So, under a disastrous policy, there is going to be higher deductibles, but with an extremely low affordable premium, that will be suitable for young healthy and hearty college students.

Platinum plans

College students with a little more specialized needs and more utilization on the prescription drug coverage may want to look at a higher program something that falls into a platinum level, higher premium, broader care and a broader network under a PPO program, but, at a pocket-friendly cost.

So, if you’re a college student who is currently without a source of income, you can either benefit from your parent’s health insurance policy, get it from a university of your choice or from agencies like the IBPR Capital BlueCross.

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