Best Banks For Personal Loan

Which Bank Is The Best For Personal Loan in USA?

If you’re looking for the best personal loan bank or company, then you’re definitely on the right article. Today, we’ll be looking first at what personal loan is, it’s pros and cons, before heading to look at the bank or company that gives the best personal loans here in the US. What is a personal […]

Financial Literacy

The Importance Of Financial Literacy For People From All Walks Of Life

A lot of people, especially the naive one(teens), often fall victim to financial illiteracy by overspending, running out of cash, or delving into commercial ventures that they know absolutely nothing about. Now the sad part is, this could all be avoided if people were being educated either in college or university on the importance of […]

Best Personal FInance Podcast

Ten Best Personal Finance Podcast You Should Listen To

According to Meghaan Lurtz, president-elect of the Financial Therapy Association, “your personal finance is so much more than what’s in your bank account — it’s what you feel about money,” Listening to personal finance podcast is one of the ways through which one can get to make better decisions on how to spend, invest or […]

Save Money Fast

How To Save Money Fast On Low Income

Low-income earners can often find themselves getting discouraged when it comes to finding ways to save money. When you’re only bringing in a modest paycheck, there might not be much left over to stash away in your savings or investment accounts. The fact is, low-income earners, do have a small advantage over higher-earning individuals because […]

College Student and Student Loans

How To Pay Off Student Loans?

College graduate usually studies for a minimum of four years, get their degree, try to move on with their life until one problem often catches up with them. Their loan nemesis!  It is no news that most college students here in the United States, do owe a lot of student loans. So that’s why we’ll […]

College Student Loan

How To Pay For College With Student Loan

You have been accepted into college and now you are wondering how to pay for it? There are several options that you can consider by following the steps listed below. They are designed to help you figure out how to pay for your college (also covering student loans) FAFSA First thing first, you have to […]

College Student Loan

Estimating Your Child’s Cost Of College

Going to college can be one of the best decisions your child can make for his or her future. It can also be one of the most significant expenses you and your child might ever face. However, the good news is that approximately two-thirds of college students receive grants to help cover some of the […]

How To Get A Personal Loan With Bad Credit

Bad credit but need a personal loan? Conventional creditors might not consider you. However, even with poor credit history, there are several ways in which you can secure a loan. Do Not Take Out a Payday loan First, a warning, in whatever you do, resist the urge of having to take out a Payday loan. […]

101 Tips To Become Smarter With Personal Finance

Personal finance is about turning money into wealth and personal financial planning is the process of managing your money.  You can become smarter with our tips that cover the main components of personal financial planning. We have researched this topic for weeks and designed this post to be comprehensive and safe for dummies & beginners; […]

How To Make A Monthly Budget

It’s no news that some people still find it hard to create a monthly budget that will assist them in staying on course for their financial goal like in going on vacation, retirement or paying off their debt.  And for the rest who get to bypass the first stage of creating their monthly budget, they […]