how to get loan with no credit

How to Get A Loan with No Credit?

Of course, no one would love to get into a financial bed with someone they have no clue about. I mean, you can’t just wake up one morning, and start lending money to a person you obviously no nothing about, can you? No, because that’s insane! So, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise […]

How to Build an Emergency Fund

How to Build an Emergency Fund

There is this popular adage that goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and believe me, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  In life, somethings are just inevitable, and no matter how much we’d love to think otherwise, some facts can never be changed. And a perfect example of such natural […]

How Much to Spend Save and Invest

How Much to Spend Save and Invest

Before you ever think of being a successful investor, you must first start by having a comprehensive knowledge on the core differences between saving, investing and spending. This is because, knowing these things will not only help guide you on how to go about them, but will as a result, protect your financial goal. So […]

accident without protection

What Happens if You Get in an Accident Without Protection?

There is nothing wrong in getting a car, but there is everything wrong in staying behind those wheels without having an auto coverage. True. And it gets even worse when you happen to be involved in an accident, of which you’re later found guilty of not having a car coverage. Can I tell you a […]

choosing life security

How to Choose the Appropriate Kind of Life Security?

When it comes to picking the appropriate life security, a lot of factors come into play. Some of these factors include selecting the appropriate life security company, picking the appropriate amount, and picking the correct term. So today, we’ll be looking at how you can select the appropriate kind of life security using these key […]

there are ways through which you could support your college education financially, and that is through the help of private and governmental loans.

How to Finance a Return to College

Education is key, at least to those who know how best to use it to their advantage. And no matter how much you think you might not need education, sooner or later, there seems to be some elements of life that will derail your path towards this direction. Now, going to school under the supervision […]

personal finance hacks

5 Practical Money Saving Hacks

Cutting back money is a huge problem for most people, simply because we love spending every penny we earn.  And this is why today, we will be taking a look at five practical money hacks that will allow you to cut back tons of money every month. And without any further delays, let’s get started! […]


When Do You Start Settleing Interest on Unsubsidised Student Loan?

Government undergraduate grants(loan) can be sometimes complicated, especially when trying to settle it back. So today we’ll be looking at what a non-subsidised undergraduate grant is, it features, how its monthly charges(interest) is being calculated and when to settle the monthly charges or grant at full. What is a non-subsidised undergraduate grant? This is a […]

buying old car vs new car

What’s the Price of Buying a New Car Vs Old Car?

Once you have an idea of the kind of automobile you want, and roughly how much you’re looking to spend, the next question might be; Should I get a brand-new or used vehicle?  Well, both do have their pros and cons because a used car often prices lesser than a brand-new one, but a brand-new […]